Giving Mums a Postnatal Toolkit !

Mums, do you have a postnatal toolkit ?

Being a Mum is rewarding, exhausting, special and tough to say the least. We've so many things to consider and repairing or healing your postnatal body is often not it. Yet the pressure remains to 'lose the baby weight' or 'get back in shape'.

The information we are given post delivery is minimal to say the least and misses fundamental and essential information you need to heal your body.


I'm Helen, the founder of Good for Mums.

Birthing my son, left me with a body I needed to heal, complications I was not expecting and frustrated I could no longer exercise the way I used to. It left me asking questions...

  • Why aren't we warned about the reality of postnatal lady bits?
  • Why do we assume we can simply return to an active lifestyle and exercise after our six week check?
  • Why are we not given a postnatal toolkit which helps our bodies to move and mend with modern life in mind?

I've combined my knowledge of Body Work, Holistic Therapy and Women's Fitness to provide a service to Mums and give you that toolkit.

Ladies, do something good for you with Good for Mums.

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5 Stars - Based on 53 User Reviews
  • Nicola F. Avatar
    Nicola F.

    I really look forward to buggyfit every week! Helen is great at teaching how to work out safely and assesses you before you start to work out. Exercises are adapted to your particular needs and where you are in your recovery. Most importantly I get a great workout which I can bring my child along to!

  • Danielle L. Avatar
    Danielle L.

    I met Helen when I was about 9 weeks post partum, recovering from an unexpected c section and feeling a bit sorry for myself. After a tummy check I joined buggyfit and we’ve taken it slow to build my strength back up. I still have a long way to go but thanks to Helen I have safely returned to fitness and I’m feeling both mentally and physically 100% better than when we first met! Any new Mummies looking for help - please go go Helen she’s amazing!

  • Shell C. Avatar
    Shell C.

    Helen is absolutely amazing - I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! I started off with the restore course as I still had a bad diastasis but she always tailored her classes for me and now my gap is officially restored! I’ve now ‘graduated’ to her boxercise classes which are amazing - I love them!

  • Rachel O. Avatar
    Rachel O.

    Hi Helen. I've just been trying to use fb and have been flicking through my holiday pics. It's funny because when you are working out trying to get back into shape you dont always see the little changes that you are making until you take a step back. Never did I think that my body would look like this in such a short space of time but looking at my pics I can see that all that hard work and walking has paid off. Your classes speak for themself and I love that you challenge me and I often feel it in places I didn't think I even had muscles. Thank you for all the lessons and I'm so glad you are continuing your tadley classes even though it may be difficult to juggle with the hectic unpredictable adventures of family life. I hope you take no mercy when I come back after the summer holidays, I've been very lazy x

  • Laura P. Avatar
    Laura P.

    I booked Helen for a scar release massage last week. I'm lucky to have neat scars but the bumps underneath bothered me. The massage had instant effects and my skin is so much smoother after just one session. The rest of the massage (neck and back) was great too. Thank you xx

  • Lainey F. Avatar
    Lainey F.

    I’ve just finished a 4 week tummy restore class with Helen and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. My tummy looks so much better and I can engage with it again. Not only do I feel like I’ve got some of my body back but it was great to have someone to talk to about my concerns. Helen also touched on mental health as well as the physical. Reminding me to love myself. I would highly recommend Helen and her tummy restore class.

  • Zanda J. Avatar
    Zanda J.

    Fit-tums restore course - a must do for all mums!

    I really enjoyed the whole experience of Fit-tums restore course. Helen is very knowledgeable at what she does. Not only you get the appropriate exercises demonstrated and taught to you to do properly, but also a thorough theoretical explanation of everything that’s being done as well as reasons behind it. After “graduating” the course I feel that it benefited me a lot, even though I was strong prior to starting the course and didn’t have any diastasis recti. The knowledge and techniques I’ve learned, I can keep using the whole life, getting further benefits out of it.

    Just do the homework and you’ll definitely feel and see the results �

    Thanks Helen!

  • Cat B. Avatar
    Cat B.

    Should be mandatory for new mums!

    Completed the fit tums restore course today. The breadth of exercises exceeded my expectations and Helen is great: creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for both mums and babies. I'd recommend this course for anyone whatever stage postnatal you are; it provides a brilliant toolkit that's easily adapted into everyday life.

  • Kirsty P. Avatar
    Kirsty P.

    When I first met Helen, my singleton daughter was 3, and my twins were about 8 months. I was so down and frustrated by my bulging twin Mummy tummy and tummy gap. Meeting Helen was a turning point. She did an assessment of my difficulties and goals. Helen also asked me to do some little exercises to assess my core strength, and what I learnt was diastasis recti. She was very knowledgeable about this, and was able to tailor my tummy recovery to my needs in a safe way. I attended her Fit Tums classes with a focus on building my core strength (the transverse abdominal muscles) and reducing my diastasis recti. I also attended Buggyfit which is a great way of getting out and exercising with the babies, whilst also having the supportive and social element of being with other Mums going through shared experiences. Despite my life not exactly being my own with 3 little ones with little time to complete recommended exercises and attend Buggyfit as much as I would have liked, I have noticed a huge difference in my tummy gap as well as the size of my tummy. This has made me feel so much better about myself, and enabled me to wear ‘normal’ clothes again such as my jeans and tops which aren’t like bags! I still have some way to go, but Helen has set me on my path and with her help and knowledge, I know what I need to do to reach my goals.

    I would recommend any postnatal Mum to get in touch with Helen to see what she can offer you. Whether it’s just getting out exercising with other Mums, or working on core strength and diastasis recti or strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Helen’s expertise and support can help you.

  • Kelly W. Avatar
    Kelly W.

    Just had an AMAZING reflexology session with Helen. I most definitely recommend it xxx

  • Edie R. Avatar
    Edie R.

    Helen did a post natal tummy check for me and I treated myself to an Indian head massage treatment. She was very knowledgeable about post natal fitness and the treatment was lovely and relaxing. It’s so great to find someone that understands what it’s like to be a mum to young children and is flexible and able to come to your home. I’m looking forward to starting buggy fit classes now too!

  • Maria B. Avatar
    Maria B.

    Just had a very relaxing Swedish massage by Helen. A fantastic and relaxing way to spend my ‘me time’. Highly recommend Helen, extremely friendly yet professional. Feeling very chilled out and sleepy now! Thank you Helen!

  • Eve B. Avatar
    Eve B.

    I just had a full body Swedish massage from Helen and it was wonderfully relaxing and great for my creaks! My husband also had a back, neck and shoulders massage - really enjoyed it and nearly fell asleep. Thanks so much! X

  • Emily J. Avatar
    Emily J.

    I recently started buggy-fit with Helen when my son was 3 months old (I also have a 2 year old). As well as loving the classes, I have also sampled Helen’s wonderful massage skills. I enjoyed a Swedish massage in the comfort of my own home and wow - what a lovely way to relax after my babies were both asleep! Left me feeling wonderfully calm and floaty - would thoroughly recommend!

  • Rebecca M. Avatar
    Rebecca M.

    If you have had a baby (my eldest is almost 3, youngest has just turned a year), and you fancy some quality exercise classes with somebody who is postnatal qualified and knows what she is talking about, then I highly recommend Helen.

    I first met Helen when my second child was a few months old, I attended a buggyfit class and had a check carried out on my stomach. Helen let me know that the gap in my stomach (diastasis) was between 2 (top of my stomach) to 3 centimetres (naval area) and soft. Having had a slight diastasis with my first (1cm) I actually at that point didn’t think too much about it and wasn’t too horrified, naively I assumed this would just right itself over a period of time. After finding this out I went about things as normal, as you do, completely oblivious to the damage I was causing myself. 3 months later I saw Helen again and the diastasis had worsened, I was now 3 to 4 centimetres and my stomach was doming and completely soft. I could have cried and was absolutely horrified, it honestly seemed to me I had damaged my stomach beyond repair.

    Determined to rectify some of the damage done, I joined one of Helen’s first Fit Tum’s classes. A small class of six, where we could open up to what we had been through (if we wished). Helen taught us many exercise techniques that target reestablishing core strength, concentrating all exercise around your breathing and pelvic floor area. The four week class was fantastic, my diastasis started to decrease and the area underneath began to strengthen. Following this class, we received homework and I have found I am able to incorporate all the new techniques into everyday life and feel a million times more confident with what I am doing, knowing I am no longer causing myself damage. My diastasis has dramatically decreased the only area I really have an issue with now is above my naval, but I am no longer doming. All thanks to Helen!

  • Victoria S. Avatar
    Victoria S.

    had been thinking of joining this for a while but was concerned that it wasn't much more than a walk with other mummies. I was wrong and I'm glad I've joined. The workouts are great and are tailored to you and your postnatal ability making them safe as well as fun/beneficial. The lady running it, as well as the other mummies are all lovely and welcoming. The sessions usually end with a drink and a natter, and we get together for socials as well!

    One of the best parts is that it's OK if your baby is having a bad day/grump/total melt down during the sessions, no one judges or cares and usually Helen will either rock or entertain your little one while you carry on or will alter the exercise so you can settle them back down.

  • Natasha W. Avatar
    Natasha W.

    I started Buggyfit classes when I was 9 weeks postnatal,and straight away Helen made me feel welcome and comfortable in the sessions. I didn't really know much about the importance of doing the right sort of exercises after birth,but each week I learnt more from Helen about how to exercise safely to be kind to my still healing body! Great fun,gets you out being active and good to meet other mums too.

  • Kirsty S. Avatar
    Kirsty S.

    I started buggy fit after a friend recommended it I had tried going back to the gym and failed so thought I would try something new! Straight away I felt at ease because Helen is so lovely and welcoming. In the first session she checked my tummy for a diastasis (a gap between your tummy muscles) I had never heard of this being a side effect of pregnancy but she explained it is really common. It turns out I had one which I was gutted about! Helen was great and knew just what to do to help it heal. She always explained how to do exercises to ensure I wasn't doing more damage and even did a special course for women like me with a diastasis to help it mend. After coming to buggy fit for a couple of months my gap was completely healed I was so happy! I couldn't have done it without Helen's help I would recommend this to anyone who has had a baby and want to get active again!!

  • Helen V. Avatar
    Helen V.

    This class is great fun and very relaxed. Was.nervous to start with but there was no.need as Helen our instructor is very friendly., works you to a sweat,�� but to your own ability ... Very good class would recommend.

  • Hannah D. Avatar
    Hannah D.

    I had mixed impressions of how I would find boxercise but signed up anyway because I enjoy a challenge. I can safely say I am a convert and can definitely feel that I have had a good work out. Sessions are varied, educational and a lot of fun 🙂 I can highly recommend to those who are undecided!

  • Ellie W. Avatar
    Ellie W.

    A great course to help restore/strengthen core after 3 children. I learnt loads of new techniques including massage and breathing that I can use during exercise outside of the class too. Would highly recommend Helen she really knows her stuff

  • Sarah M. Avatar
    Sarah M.

    I've been going to buggy fit for a few months now and absolutely love it! I was a bit worried about returning to exercise after having a caesarean but Helen makes sure you are exercising safely and immediately put my mind at ease. I love working out outside, the classes are always varied, fun and feel like you've worked out! Helen is very knowledgeable and very encouraging and supportive. I really enjoy these classes. As well as a great work out, it's a great chance to meet other mummies too.

  • Kat C. Avatar
    Kat C.

    I was a little nervous before I started because I wasn't sure if I could keep up with everyone but I really didn't have to worry because you get out what you put in. I'm feeling muscles I haven't felt in years and I'm already feeling a little more toned. I love buggyfit, Helen is fantastic and really makes you feel welcome.

  • Stacey L. Avatar
    Stacey L.

    I really enjoy these classes. So nice to be outside and to be able to go to a class that you can bring your baby to. Doesn't matter if your baby sleeps or screams throughout, Helen will always help and be patient. She is also extremely knowledgable and I have learnt so much about how to take care of my postnatal body and what exercise I can and can't do at what stage. All the ladies that go are very friendly and lovely.

  • Marie R. Avatar
    Marie R.

    Felt quite self concious starting exercise again after not having done any for ages but this is a really great class. Helen is really attentive to everyone's different levels of ability and works hard to make sure the class is varied and enjoyable. Would highly recommend anybody to give it a go.

  • Katie L. Avatar
    Katie L.

    Update 2 (august 2017) still having many laughs every week even if my toddler has become an expert runner so has to stay in the buggy!

    Oh yeah - and my diastasis is now 'functional' which is a huge deal because it means ive managed to strengthen other muscles enough to compensate!

    *Updated* (May 17) - I've been doing buggyfit for 3 months now and the difference is really noticeable! I've managed to reduce my muscle separation significantly but even where a gap remains the muscle underneath (TVA) is so much stronger.

    So glad I joined! Its really fun!


    (Jan 17) Such good fun and a great way to get back into exercise!

    I definitely feel like I'm doing some good but most importantly it hasn't caused me any problems with my diastasis as Helen knows how to adapt the exercises.

    Lovely friendly group.

  • Anne-Marie M. Avatar
    Anne-Marie M.

    Great class to get back safely into exercise after having a baby. The best bit baby comes along too.

    It takes part in my local park. So great to wonder outside and be able to work out. Helen is very knowledgeable about what exercises to do postnatally, and what to avoid while body is healing. You work to your own level. So could come along at anytime after having a baby. She will tailor the exercise personally to fit you.

    A growing community of mums so also a great way to meet people and ask for advice if you need to.

  • Emma T. Avatar
    Emma T.

    Just recently joined the Buggyfit group run by Helen and absolutely loving it! Such a lovely group of ladies where we can be pushed and get a proper workout, but also tailored for our post-baby bodies. Was really reassuring to have my muscle separation checked before doing too much so there was no risk of causing damage. It's also so reassuring that it doesn't matter if baby kicks off during the session, Helen helps rock the prams or exercises can often be changed to be able to walk pram at the same time.

  • Katie M. Avatar
    Katie M.

    (FEB2017) Really enjoyed my first session of buggyfit with Helen. It was lovely to be outside in the fresh air burning some calories and a having a laugh. A good mixture of exercises that i definitely felt the next day. Looking forward to the next session.

    (AUG2017) I've been coming to Buggyfit for over 6 months now and really enjoy every session. I'm still getting the ache the next day when I know I've had a good workout.

    Even though I'm back to work I can still fit in 1 to 2 classes a week on my days off. My little one is toddling around now but Helen and the other lovely mummies keep an eye out for her while we are completing the exercises. She loves coming too. �

  • Hannah D. Avatar
    Hannah D.

    Love love love my Tuesday nights! Good exercises, good music and great company. I can always feel it the next day. Thank you x