Specialist Postnatal Bodywork

Once you have birthed a baby, no matter how long ago, you are always considered postnatal in some way. The affects of having a baby can continue for years post delivery. Mums have to be able to move, lift, bend and get on with busy day to day lives and i’ve combined my knowledge of Holistic Therapies, Fitness and being a mum to create programmes and treatments to help mums repair post baby, no matter what their postnatal stage.

A offer Therapeutic Massages which are different to standard or relaxing massages. Therapeutic massage is used when a client presents with a specific problem and the therapist aims to help resolve the problem within a few treatments.

Holistic Massage, Prenatal, Postnatal, Diastasis Healing and C Section Scar Therapy & Massage are all considered therapeutic treatments.

I ask my clients to complete health screening forms and obtain a detailed history into how your body is feeling and what areas you feel need help. Together we work out a plan which may be as simple as a massage concentrated on specific areas of the body or require a few treatments spaced over a series of weeks. Depending on the cause, I will also recommend stretches and self massage you can continue during any treatment intervals and where necessary I will refer you to other health care professionals who have varying areas of expertise.

Once the massage has ended we together evaluate the outcome to determine if the pain has subsided, lessened, mobility increased, etc and discuss if you require a continued course of therapy.