Holistic Diastasis Healing & Massage

The Holistic Diastasis Healing Therapy, offers an initial 90 minute appointment (sessions are 60 minutes thereafter) where I deeply assess your postnatal body and determine the stage of your postnatal healing. This treatment is for you if you feel you still have a 'mummy tummy' or suspect your abdominal muscles have not returned to where you feel they should be.

These are hands on appointments involving soft tissue releases and work including either some postnatal release massage or c-section scar therapy and release massage. Following this initial appointment, further 60 minute appointments are recommended, which combine real mum movement strategies with soft tissue and release work all tailored to your individual progress and stage of healing.

If appropriate will demonstrate how to use KT Tape to support your tummy and teach you to apply it to your own body.

I aim to teach you how to reconnect with your pelvic floor muscles and encourage your core to work synergistically. Depending on your stage of healing, I may recommend that we incorporate the Hypopressive Method into your programme. However, recent research suggests that the traditional Hypopressive method is thought to delay diastasis healing with some ladies, so precaution must be taken and a modified method used.

Most ladies benefit from a few sessions. These sessions are in your own home and can be with or without baby.  Ideally with another family member present to cuddle baby in order to give you the time you need to focus on your healing.