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Helen & Her Son

Hi, I’m Helen and here is my story. I offer specialist postnatal rehabilitation, exercise and holistic therapies.

When I moved to Basingstoke in 2012, I quickly gained weight. When I fell pregnant in 2014, I remained heavy throughout my pregnancy. Once my son arrived I enjoyed Buggyfit classes in Basingstoke and Hook but was unable to continue to go to classes once I returned to office work. So I began to run.

I started the NHS Couch to 5km plan on my own, running locally where I lived. During one run, I was grunted and snorted at by a group of teenage lads who implied I was a pig. Another occasion a driver shouted from his car as it passed “You won’t run that off love” So, I went home, drank a glass of wine or three and created a facebook group, Basingstoke Running Mummies.

This little group I created, grew and grew and soon there were lots of women in there like me, looking for other mums to exercise with. Real women with real bodies who offered encouragement and support during sleepless nights.

We started running together, following the Couch to 5km plan to begin with. Once we completed that, we kept going and started a new C25K plan for ladies who joined us later in the year. Some of the other ladies in the group have joined the admin panel. We regularly run together and since starting this group, i’ve run a Half Marathon, some 10 mile races, many 10km events and enjoy Parkrun.

Creating Basingstoke Running Mummies taught me I could encourage women exercise. I began to study and gain the qualifications I needed to become a Postnatal Fitness Instructor. The previous Buggyfit Instructor stopped running classes in Basingstoke. I contacted Buggyfit Head Office and enquired about becoming a Licensed franchisee.

I’ve been a qualified Holistic Therapist since 2004. I worked in Spain as a masseuse. When we relocated back to the UK, i initially offered treatments to friends and family. In 2016 i started offering body massages and Reflexology as a mobile therapist.

I’ve since left my office day job and now run my own business. Good for Mums offers fitness classes, Buggyfit, HiiTFix and Ladies Boxercise. I’ve completed further education and now specialise in postnatal recovery and rehabilitation. I’ve used my skills to design my own rehabilitation course, empowering women to heal themselves. Good for Mums Fit-Tums offers a more holistic approach to postnatal recovery and returning to fitness.

By combining my knowledge, I run my classes in a Holistic way. I’ve committed myself to continuous development and education. Ensuring I provide the best service I can with the most up to date knowledge and training.

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If you would like more information or would like to join a class please check out my availability on Gymcatch or send me a message by email or any of the social media links shown.