Happy Clients

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This lady was five months postnatal when she joined the Fit-Tums course. She birthed by emergency C-Section, endured a long labour beforehand. She expressed feelings of numbness, disconnection and difficulty connecting to her core and pelvic floor muscles. In five weeks she reduced her diastasis by 2cm and the circumference of her waist and hips by over 6cm. Sensation began to return to her stomach and scar. She's since had a C-Section release massage and continues to heal herself and improve the connection to her scar.

This mum of three joined Fit-Tums at 10 months postnatal having birthed her twins by a combination of vaginal delivery and emergency c-section. She was struggling to heal her postnatal body and felt she still looked pregnant. We discovered a diastasis of 4cm. There are 4 months in-between these images but this mum has managed to reduce her diastasis to a 1cm width and is improving her resting core tone all the time.

This client joined Fit-Tums at 6 months postnatal after baby number 2. She noticed her tummy wasn't returning to the shape it had after her first baby and felt her posture was affected from pregnancy and breastfeeding. In five weeks she dramatically reduced her waist by 6cm and hips by 8cm. She also reduced her abdominal separation by 2cms. Her over all posture and resting core tone improved.

This lady joined Fit-Tums at five months postnatal, her birth left her with a weak core, pelvic floor dysfunction and feeling less confident in her body. She reduced her waistline in the 5 week by over 6cm, she didn't have an abdominal separation but the symptoms caused by her pelvic floor dysfunction began to improve. Having completed the course she is now equipped with the skills she needs to continue her healing.