Restore Course

The Good for Mums Fit-Tums Restore course run in five week blocks. Following appropriate screening, these sessions are designed to help any women, no matter their postnatal stage, who feels she has a pelvic floor weakness, difficulty feeling her pelvic floor muscles, considers parts of her body feel “stuck” or disconnected following the birth of a baby. Or, ladies who are looking to improve their diastasis, core function, overall tummy muscle tone or who feel their c section scar feels numb and/or stuck or perhaps you’d like to learn how to take care of it.

Classes are offered with or without baby depending on the block you choose.It is not always possible to leave your little one and a course is offered every quarter where you can bring baby too. Moreover, if you are on the course in an evening and you need to bring baby to a session, please let me know ahead of class and i’ll do my best to accommodate you.

The course includes your own resistance band to keep and use to practice exercises at home in-between sessions and once the course has ended. The classes aim to teach you how to reconnect with your pelvic floor muscles and encourage your core to work synergistically. You will practice core engagement and how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The course aims to provide you with the skills to help you heal your diastasis and improve resting core tension through breathing correctly and functional movement. Some self massage techniques are also included in the class in line with your individual needs.

Your investment is £60 for group classes or if you would prefer 121 sessions these are available at the cost of £150 for the course of 5 one hour sessions. 121 sessions include aspects of therapeutic body massage based on your individual needs where appropriate. Booked into a mixture of home and treatment room appointments to go along with your schedule.

Group classes last one hour and sessions limited to a maximum of eight spaces to ensue that you are given all the time you need to master these skills and have access to full support throughout the session.

You will need to complete a health questionnaire before coming to class and an initial check for diastasis recti is included within the first session, it is also repeated towards the end of the course. Your posture is assessed and corrected where possible throughout the classes. You have access to a private facebook group which shows video reminders and relative information.

This course should enable you to begin your recovery and help you reconnect with you core and pelvic floor muscles. Its not a hot and sweaty exercise class but an education and fully interactive course which will teach skills you can use in your everyday life and other exercise classes. You are asked to come to a class with me once per week and aim to complete your homework (exercises/movements shown in class) at least twice per week in-between sessions.

What’s next…? HiiTFix and/or Buggyfit !!! These are classes run by me whereby you progress from the rehabilitation stage during Fit-Tums to the healing and maintenance stage. You can enjoy a 40 minute zero or low impact exercise session which burns calories, improves agility, muscle tone and gain strength. This is followed by a 15-20 minute “ladyfix” element at the end of the class, refreshing your skills learned at Fit Tums and giving you the perfect opportunity to do your homework.

To find out when the next Good for Mums Fit-Tums Restore course is running and to check availability, please email me and i’ll come back to you as soon as possible.


Helen Hill