BuggyFit Classes

Buggyfit is the original and largest buggy workout network in the UK. Trainers are qualified to look after pre and postnatal clients and ensure classes offer mums the best results while having loads of fun.

You'll meet like minded mums who could soon become new friends and support during this phase of your life. Not to mention the gorgeous little ones who will grow, learn and play together maybe for years to come.

Sessions are offered for women with babies and children and tailored to enable you to exercise safely without having to leave the little one at home. Its a workout class which is good for you where the little ones come too !

Using a combination of cardio, strength and toning exercises, Buggyfit classes are varied, fun and are specifically designed to strengthen and tone muscles the weakened during pregnancy. Classes are focused on restoring your core first before progressing you to more intensive or loaded exercises.

You need to be at least six weeks post vaginal birth or 12 weeks post c-section and cleared to resume normal activity by your GP having had your six week check. A health questionnaire needs to be completed before your first class.

Before your first class you will need to have a 'Postnatal Consultation' even if you exercised regularly before birth, exercise is not always the right first step after having a baby. You can learn more about this here.

You'll need to book into your sessions for Buggyfit, I use a system called Gymcatch to manage the class passes. As a Mum myself, I realise little ones become ill and some days you just don't feel up to exercising. As such, classes are paid for using a class pass, which offers the flexibility for you to come to any Good for Mums Postnatal exercise class in any location.

You do not have to commit to the same class each week and if you miss a week, you don't lose it as you've 2 or 3 months to use each class pass.

Soon after having a baby, returning to or starting exercise is undoubtedly beneficial but this needs to be done carefully and slowly. High impact exercise, such as running and bootcamp, too soon after having a baby can result in prolapse, pelvic pain, back pain, incontinence and a worsening of stretch weaknesses.

It can be hard to know how to check your Fitness Instructor is appropriately qualified, so here is some information to help you make the right choice for you and your body.

So what are you waiting for….come and get Buggyfit!